Flame Retardent Polyester Adhesive Tape P2XX5F


1. P2xx5F series Polyester Adhesive Tapes displaying excellent resistance to temperature, solvent, voltage and weather, this tape is made suitable for fastening and insulating such objects as high. voltage transformer and power supply un it as well as electric motor and coil.
2. Color available: xx:06 = transparent, 07 = yellow, 08 = blue,
09 = green, 10 = red,11 = white, 12 = black
3. F stands for flame retardant. This tape passed ULE 81174;
Certification Approval.

Quality characteristics:

MaterialThicknessAdhesion StrengthTemp, Resist
PET film0.075±0.005 mm0.80±0.20 Kg/25mm130 ℃
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