Environmental Protection Policy

  • Comply with regulations and other requirements
  • Pollution prevention and resource conservation
  • Communication training and continuous improvement

Our company aimed at maintaining the safety and health of staff and the protection of the environment. To this end, we are willing to abide by environmental and safety and health related laws and regulations, implement continuous improvement of the spirit,  execute conversion and regeneration of surplus material, prevent pollution, renew energy consumption, reduce industrial waste and form a good neighborliness.

We promise:

  1. Comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations and related environmental derivative requirements.
  2. Renewable energy consumption and industrial waste reduction.
  3. Pollution prevention, reduce the possible risks in operation.
  4. Continuing education and training of staff to implement environmental protection work.
  5. Take the initiative to communicate with customers and residents, manage all levels of suppliers, encourage all staffs to participate in environmental security work.

6.Complete implementation of environmental management systems to enhance environmental performance and reduce environmental risks. 


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