COVER TAPE for Electric Components and Semiconductors

In the MLCC industry, the company successfully developed the top tape, bottom tape, and ending tape for MLCC packaging,we were the first one who invested the product successfully in the market in Taiwan.
The product line is complete with top and bottom tapes suitable for various sizes of MLCC, Chip-R, Inductor (chip capacitors, chip resistors, chip inductors) and other components.
In the SMT/SMD industry, the company’s cover tape is suitable for packaging carrier tapes of various materials (PS, PC, PET).
Also,there are heat-sealed and self-adhesive types for our customers.

MLCC 上下膠帶
MLCC “無鹵"尾膠帶
MLCC 晶片切割膠帶
MLCC 端銀端銅膠帶
MLCC 晶片堆叠止滑膠帶
MLCC 固定用水溶性雙面膠帶

Heat sealing cover tapes

PSA self-adhesive cover tapes

MLCC Top and Bottom tapes

MLCC "Halogen-free" ending tapes

MLCC Wafer dicing tape

Silver pole and copper pole dipping tapes for MLCC

MLCC Wafer stacking tape

Water-soluble double-sided tape for fixing MLCC


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