2022 / 〖Science and Experience of Sticky Special Exhibition〗

Use the scientific “stickiness” theory to experience stickiness, touch stickiness, step on stickiness, and experiment stickiness to complete the task of detection and decryption.

For the first time, the manufacturing industry focusing on viscose solutions has cooperated with the museum unit of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan. In order to popularize the knowledge of adhesive and the inheritance of the spirit of experimentation, the most distinctive experience-based special exhibition was created through intensive discussions with the team.

In line with the social responsibility of continuing the entrepreneurial spirit of the industry and educating the pillars of the country, we hope that the participating adults and children can gain the spirit of experimentation, independent thinking, observation, inference, prediction, and then solve problems and find a sense of accomplishment!

The application of tape creates simplicity and convenience for human beings!
It has a wide range of uses, from home and school to various industries, such as the stationery industry and the packaging industry, which are common, simple and convenient.

Global Adhesive Tape Manufacturer/Adhesive Tapes Technology Solutions/Sharktape, Chyun Yih Tape Co.Ltd ,Taicang C-Tech Electric Material Co.Ltd.

Chyun Yih Tape Co., Ltd. (Shark Tape) has produced various adhesive tapes since 1979 started from Taiwan .We Focus on serving customers in the production, manufacturing and customization of adhesive products.

There are nine product collections in our tape industry.
1.Cover Tape for Electronic Components and Semiconductors.
2.New Energy Lithium Battery Tape.
3.Electrolytic Capacitor Tape.
4.High Temperature Crepe Paper Masking Tape.
5.PCB Printed Circuit Soft and Hard Board Tape.
6.Spray & Baked Painting Tape.
7.Washi Masking Tape.
8.Packing and Stationery Tape.
9.Tapes for transformer, coil, motor industry.
And others are customized.

Just like sharks, surge ahead!

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We firmly believe that it is created because it is needed.

This is an immersive, brain-moving, hands-on exhibition that follows history and moves forward into the future. We are honored to participate in it.And we are looking forward to see more people to know us!

Although there is a lot of work remaining, a successful conclusion is in sight. Sharktape will continue to work hard for a better and brighter future.

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