【Sharktape】 Leads the New Trend in Decoration – Shining at the 25th CBD FAIR China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo

Time: July 8th to July 11th, 2023

【Sharktape】 has made a grand appearance at the 25th CBD FAIR China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo from July 8th to July 11th. The booth is located at 10.3-03, attracting the attention of numerous professionals and visitors.

On this splendid stage, 【Sharktape】 proudly showcased its brand-new series of high-quality washi tapes and becoming one of the highlights of the exhibition. Our washi tapes have garnered significant attention at the expo. As a leader in the decoration industry, the product holds a high reputation in the field of color separation tapes, making it a preferred choice among professionals. The diverse range of washi tapes are not only rich in color but also of superior in great quality. It is acclaimed as an original washi tape and absolute comparable to Japanese washi tape standards. Its unique features address the color separation and masking needs in indoor and outdoor decoration, providing reliable support for professional decoration with outstanding UV resistance, comfortable feel, and stable quality.

【Sharktape】has established in 1979, Taiwan. It boasts a long history and abundant experience, earning widespread customers’ trust through its excellent comprehensive service. The company’s professional team continuously engages in innovative research and development, consistently maintaining a leading technological position.

In this vibrant and competitive industry【Sharktape】 will continue to uphold the principles of high quality, innovation, and superior service, delivering more exceptional products and solutions to customers. We appreciate the support and encouragement from visitors and partners during the exhibition and look forward to working together to create a better tomorrow.

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